Friday April 18th 2014


Aerial view of the proposed new school

This architect rendering shows the front of the proposed new elementary school. The school would be located on Arrow Drive between CHS and Clinton Park, and would replace Northside and Eastside Elementary schools.

Location compared to CHS and Clinton Park

This view shows the proposed new school in relation to Clinton High School (left) and Clinton Park. To address concerns about traffic flow on Arrow Drive:

- The school will be sited well back from the road, in order to pull traffic off Arrow Drive at drop-off and pick-up times.

- It will have two separate driveways, one for grades 2-3 and one for grades 4-5, which will also pull car traffic off Arrow drive.

- A rear access road will connect Clinton Park and the new school, which will segregate bus and car traffic on Arrow Drive.

In addition to this, the city of Clinton is in the process of widening Pinehaven Drive, which will alleviate morning and afternoon congestion at the Pinehaven/Arrow Drive intersection.

Front view of driveways

Note the separate drop-off and pick-up areas and the separate driveways for Northside and Eastside.

School front

Closer view of the front of the school, showing the Northside entrance.


Brick breezeways will provide shelter for students entering or leaving the building in inclement weather.


This architect rendering shows the atrium in the proposed new school. When students enter, they will see the media center in the middle of the building. Floor-to-ceiling windows will provide plenty of natural lighting for this area.


Behind the brick breezeways will be a courtyard area.

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